Sunday, August 30, 2009

Centralizing all Global Mercedes Benz Issues..

While I wait for the Local Mercedes Benz Dealership (Garage Isla Verde - San Juan, PR) to stand by their warranty and other promises. I was browsing the web and found these other dissatisfied customers.

On various calls to Mercedes Benz USA they have communicated openly that they cannot stand behind their brand because the dealership in Puerto Rico is a locally owned business ( to keep a long story short I will not mention the list of excuses provided by the Mercedes Benz US representatives which are short of the hundreds of excuses I have heard from the Local Garage Isla Verde dealership.)

Here are a few more links related to Mercedes Benz overall Customer Service and Quality:

The most curious link I found which should have given me a hint before I bought the car.
My objective is to centralize all issues and experiences from people that do have issues with this brand.

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