Monday, August 31, 2009

The Inglorious Bastards - My German Car and The Local Car Dealership

Well I am still waiting for the Local Mercedes Benz Dealership Garage Isla Verde to fulfill their promises and stand by their warranty in the meanwhile. I took some time to go to the movie theater today and watch a movie I choose "The Inglorious Bastards".

I found that similar to Brad Pitt's character my enemy at the moment is a German ( The Mercedes Benz I bought with an extended warranty) and the double agents which I can identify as the local mercedes benz dealership Garage Isla Verde and the Mercedes Benz USA Representatives I have spoken too. Although the movie ended with a great twist that only Quentin Tarantino would have given it. I can only imagine who my battle with the local dealership will end.

For those of you have seen the movie I can only wish that the ending can be similar to mine although looking at it from my standpoint I need my enemy (my car) to get around.

I guess that if we go back to the era where the movie was suppose to have taken place driving and owning a German or Japanese car would have been highly disregarded.

At the moment I reached the movie theater with my Japanese made car which I bought a year before my German car and to this day I have only taken it to get minor maintenance and it is highly reliable.

If only I could find that double agent who is willing to compromise the injustices of the Mercedes Benz Brand and the local dealership (Garage Isla Verde). Although I have to admit that with the stats of people visiting my blog I am establishing some momentum to get what is fair. Making the dealership stand by their warranty.

In the mean time I will go visit my client tomorrow in my reliable Japanese made car.


  1. Yep Mercedes are so over rated, for that price tag I would get me a Infinity M!!!!

  2. Yoyo thanks for the comment and taking a look at my observations. I completely agree one of my trip to the get my car fixed while waiting I took a look at the Mercedes Benz 2009 models and was able to identify many areas where the Infinity Models are way ahead of the game. What was funny how the Mercedes Benz Salesperson at the dealership tried to exaggerate how state of the art all the gadgets and features are. Even the S-Class has many features missing that many other brands provide to their customers. In think if you buy Japanese you cannot go wrong.

  3. The credit for internal combustion engines generally is given to German engineer, Karl Benz, who designed and built the world's first practical automobile in 1885. A steam-powered car was invented in 1769 by French inventor Nicolas Cugnot. Americans, on the other hand, are given credit for the mass production of German cars.

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