Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Not so Great Offers".. Not So Great Dealership

I have been trying to get off the Mercedes Benz Dealership's mailing list for the last few weeks. I find it extremely interesting on how the Garage Isla Verde Dealership here in Puerto Rico prioritizes their communication with current customers.

I receive offers on overpriced service and items. My experience with the Mercedes Benz Brand overall has been one of extreme disappointment since they have not even met part of what they agreed to fulfill in their warranties and other offerings ( "Which I have in Writing").

And if you think you are paying a premium for great service Garage Isla Verde's service advisors and management will let you know that they know everything and they decide to opt out on whatever is of no benefit to their dealership (Even when they're is an agreement in writing and will negatively affect their customer).

My experiences of poor service on the many occasions I have visited their service center but are not limited to the following:
  • Long Waiting Time (Even when you are required to make an appointment)
  • Tardiness ( If your appointment is at 9am be prepared to wait at least 30 minutes)
  • Excuses (Even when you are right they will look for excuses to make you feel you are wrong)
  • Standing by their product ( If their product is not up to expectation they will make you feel that it was the customers fault)
  • Making you Pay for Extra Services or Warranty Covered Parts and Service
Regarding their parts the local dealership has a monopoly on selling New Mercedes Benz in Puerto Rico therefore they are the only exclusive dealership to sell parts which should make it less expensive since every other provider must use their dealership as an intermediate.
However their pricing and service fees are high and out of reach obligating customers to move over to other providers.

And getting back to the Mailing List for the second occasion they have apologized (The business development manager has not asked for what reason I want to be removed) about not removing me from the list. I wonder how many more requests will it take to have them remove me ( will keep counting and update the blog accordingly).

I think that Garage Isla Verde reflects in all areas how badly they pay attention to detail and how well they handle customer requests. From many stories of dissatisfied customers like mine and just the fact of removing an email from a mailing list.

It would be great if they would email their customers when they are having an issue with a solution but their priority is to keep selling to future customers.

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