Friday, August 28, 2009

One Week After...

It has been one week since I have been analyzing if I should start this blog and I think now is the time to express my many stories dealing with the Local Mercedes Benz Dealership in Puerto Rico. I am sure many other people have similar issues as I have had since September 2006 when I made a huge mistake of buying a Pre-Owned Mercedes Benz.

I will do my best to recollect all my past experience with the purpose of finding other people who had similar experiences. We also want other people to be aware of the many risks you have with working with this dealership specifically since they are always willing to find an exception to the rules in their favor.

I will speak from experiences and issues I have encountered with just making this dealership fulfill their many promises on the extended warranties they offer.

It has been one week since my Car Broke Down after it had been returned to me by the Service Crew in worst conditions of when I gave it to them. After turning in my car in three ocassions before my warranty expired and never getting most of the issues resolved the local management made a promise of getting the pending items resolved after the warranty expired since they had not fixed my car when they where suppose to.

At the moment My car is sitting at the dealership while they try to squeeze money out of my pocket when they should have fixed the issues under the warranty they promised but decided they would not honor.

I will share my past stories and the outcome of my current issue while I wait of the Dealership to decide if they are keeping my car or keeping their promise.

Please let me know of any other interesting stories I can share here.

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