Thursday, September 3, 2009

Go Topless or Go Carless.

Today on my way to my client I was able to view an ad of the Local Mercedes Benz Dealership (Garage Isla Verde) which really hit me. The ad stated to go topless including the picture of a convertible which motivated me to share my experience of buying my Mercedes Benz Convertible. When I bought my first, only, and final Mercedes Benz one of the main reasons I bought the car was because It was a hard-top convertible. Days after buying the car I had my first of many issues. The retractable top broke and was not working properly. I remember enjoying my ride and suddenly when I tried to bring the Top down I heard a loud pop. The next 20 minutes where spent trying to make the top close manually so I could continue driving. Little did I know that was one of the first signals that the car I bought would only bring me issues from there on.

When I returned the car to dealership (Garage Isla Verde) it took me a few days to convince them to fix my vehicle which I had bought from them a few weeks earlier. Which was under its original warranty coverage not counting they had also offered me an extended warranty. As always their first approach was trying to charge me for something that was already covered under warranty. I finally convinced them to order the part and waited two weeks to get my car fixed. Finally I had to rent (Spending Money) a car since they supposedly did not have the complimentary vehicle they offered available. After leaving my car to get the part installed and renting a vehicle they called me the next day to tell me that the part Garage Isla Verde had order was incorrect to pick up my car and wait another week or two. To make a long story short it took them a month to get the item fixed and at no moment did I receive an apology or compensation for the extra costs and inconveniences I incurred from all their mistakes. I guess I was expecting for too much since they are never willing to apologize for any mistake or compensate for the many issues that most of the time they create.

My conclusion is if you are thinking of going topless (buying a convertible) think twice if You are going to pick a Mercedes Benz Convertible or any other car from the Garage Isla Verde Dealership because you might end up CARless.

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  1. So how much does it cost to rent? And do they charge you $20 if you bring it back without a full charge? I'm curious to see how they are going to screw EV renters since they cannot pull that gas scam anymore.

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