Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More than Two Weeks or is it a Few Months.

It has been more than two weeks since I heard from Garage Isla Verde. I guess they are sticking to their guns instead of standing by:
• Their Word
• Their Brand
• Their Extended Warranty (Mercedes Benz Pre-Owned)
• And all other promises made when their interest was selling me a car.

I am still moving around in my Japanese Car which never has given me any issues. I really question myself why I bought that Mercedes Benz and from Garage Isla Verde.
It would be great if they finally agreed to fix my car under the original agreement.

Ok but it has been a few months since my car has been fully functional. It has been weeks since it has been in their possession. So even if they fix my car tomorrow I have to take into consideration the following:
• The money spent on rental cars to make up for not having two cars in my household.
• How difficult it is to conduct my business when there is only one car to use and two people that need to get to different locations.
• The list can go on and on with the inconveniences of having a bad dealership and brand which I bought my car from.

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