Monday, September 21, 2009

New Mercedes Benz Customer Relations Manager ( A Defense Attorney)

It has been more than a Month since the last time that the local Mercedes Benz Dealership Garage Isla Verde received my car in a flatbed truck I had no option but to return my car (nightmare) to them since they never fixed what was supposed to be fixed (Claimed they had everything fixed).

The last time I spoke to them (at least 3 weeks ago) they were still trying to hustle me out of my money and not stand by their warranty if you read my other blog posts you can find more detail on some of the many issues I have experienced with the Local Garage Isla Verde Dealership.

I had no option but to take them to the Better Business Bureau (Called DACO here on the Island) to see if they can finally stand by their side of the deal of offering the Mercedes Benz pre-owned warranty.

Today I got an email by their local Customer Relations Representative (DEFENSE ATTORNEY) representing them against my complaint.

If only they where that detailed oriented to take care of their customers it would bring the following benefits:
• Save money in Attorney fees.
• Keep their customers.
• Save their bad reputation on the island.
• And just simply conduct good business aligned to best practices in customer service.

So if you are ever near Garage Isla Verde thinking of buying a car just asked them who their Customer Relations Support team is locally. I am sure they will never let you that an attorney in case you try to make them comply with the contract they entered into.

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