Sunday, October 11, 2009

I found other People that Feel the Same Way I do

I was browsing Facebook and Found that their are a few groups established on Not Loving the Mercedes Benz Brand.

I invite you to visit them.

If you know of any more please feel free to share..

Interesting Ad However in Garage Isla Verde's Case Might De Different

These last few days a few months after My car Broke Down and I am still trying to make the Local Mercedes Benz Dealership fulfill their part of the contract I found this video.

I would highly advice to stay away from buying a Mercedes Benz from Garage Isla Verde even with the documentation they provide. Apparently in the San Juan, Puerto Rico Mercedes Benz Dealership I guess they hand out the CarFax and Mercedes Benz Pre-Owned Policy as a souvenir for buying your car at that location.

Everytime I have had to take my Lemon Mercedes Benz SLK320 they have many reasons to go against what they gave me in writing the best example is how I have been without my car for the last two months.

And I resist to pay a dollar for something that should have been resolved long ago.

If you have any questions regardind how badly they take upon their policy feel free to email me.