Sunday, October 11, 2009

Interesting Ad However in Garage Isla Verde's Case Might De Different

These last few days a few months after My car Broke Down and I am still trying to make the Local Mercedes Benz Dealership fulfill their part of the contract I found this video.

I would highly advice to stay away from buying a Mercedes Benz from Garage Isla Verde even with the documentation they provide. Apparently in the San Juan, Puerto Rico Mercedes Benz Dealership I guess they hand out the CarFax and Mercedes Benz Pre-Owned Policy as a souvenir for buying your car at that location.

Everytime I have had to take my Lemon Mercedes Benz SLK320 they have many reasons to go against what they gave me in writing the best example is how I have been without my car for the last two months.

And I resist to pay a dollar for something that should have been resolved long ago.

If you have any questions regardind how badly they take upon their policy feel free to email me.

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